Wieger´s Crouching Alien I - Blood Edition by Michael Ludwig

Model Kit
Bill Wieger
Edition Size
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (cm)
33 H x 40 W x 50 L
Acrylic Colors, Plastic, Resin, Magnets
Michael Ludwig, Bill Wieger, George Takacs

Sculpted by Bill Wieger (US), molded and casted by George Takacs (US), built up and painted by Michael Ludwig (GER) by using brush and airbrush. Easily the most terrifying piece in the collection, I am just blown away from the amount of details, both of the sculpt and the finish. Michael chose a greyish tone for the basic skin color and added layers of thin black lines throughout, giving it a chaotic, but very lively look. Also, he accentuated the palms of the hands, the knees, the central dorsal spine and the tip of the tail with deep seated, bloodlike rust to give this crouching alien a more nightmarish overall appearance. By using magnets, the model also can be dissassembled. This is the notorious attack pose of the Big Chap (1979), a masterpiece of art made of resin and acrylic colors. Enjoy the galleries!