SEQ 3.2019.002 Spring is here! / Repaint Shootings / Glossary

Hello everyone!

There has been a lot of work to do in my job since this year started! So I did not have much of time to add old and new stuff from my collection. But while enjoying the first sunbeams I also feel more motivated to continue to fill this virtual space with more eye supply. The first months of 2019 definitely belong to the custom section. I recieved three great repaints from Michael Ludwig, which originally are all from Sideshow Collectibles, including the Big Chap Legendary Scale Bust Exclusive and the regular versions of Skeletor and Evil-Lyn. Especially SSC´s MotU Line has brought up brilliant original designs of the well-known villains, and I am looking very forward to add some more evil power to this doomed bunch. Hopefully SSC will bring up HORDAK next - but let´s get all surprised!

In addition, I will try out a new section on this page! I play the game for almost 5 years now, but of course (and luckily) I do not know everything about the hobby, in particular when it comes to the "language of collecting", e.g. the meaning of abbreviations, sayings or technical terms used by propainters and sculptors. Almost all the scene´s communication is taking place on social media platforms, and sometimes I just don´t understand what fellow collectors are talking about. So I decided to implement a Glossary on this page. Again, big thanks to my brother Alex for adding this module to the page very quickly!

The concept of this glossary is not only to make a collection of common terms, phrases etc., but also trying to explain and reflect them in my own words, connecting the dots, or - where possible  - also giving examples. Well, it sounds like an experiment, and I guess it actually is one! If you find this section, I will be very happy if you drop me a message with your suggestion, which term might be missing yet, argueing with me about definitions or expand them by adding a new facette. Of course , I also hope you just like the idea of a collector´s glossary and maybe, it will fill in a knowledge gap that you might have, too.


SEQ 1.2019.001 Happy New Year / Alien Warrior LSB EX Shooting

I hope you had a great slide into the new year! I myself am really enthusiastic about what is coming up from the collectible universe within the next view month. I definitely will focus more on adding custom build ups to my collection, but hey:  It´s 2019! The 40th anniversary of the original ALIEN, so I am sure there are many heavyweight surprises for the hardcore fans in preperation, too. Let´s get infected!

As the first collectible entry of the new year, I chose the Sideshow Alien Warrior LSB, one of my little grails in collection. I hope you enjoy the pictures, it was great fun to shoot this fierce warrior!

SEQ 12.2018.002 Thank you

This fanpage is a personal dream project I have been thinking about for almost two years. It became true within the last few month. So I just want to say "Thank you so much" to a bunch of special people that have supported this work, contributed with awesome content for the launch or just have endured my passion.

First of all I would like to thank my brother, who awesomely built the architecture in the back and designed the layout in the front, gave precious advice and recommended nice back and front functions, while constantly being open to my (changing) ideas and requirements. Thank you, bro, decent job!

Special thanks and much love to my wife, well, for living the life with a pop culture nerd and for being always patient, despite of the "mess" I create at home once in a while. This hobby can be an intense time eater, and I know I overstep the mark frequently. Love you, darling!

A big shout out goes to Michael Ludwig, who was thrilled by the idea of contributing to my project by giving an interview and documenting the process of building up the Falanxer. Well, Michael, I had the feeling your section became some sort of your project, too - and it turned out really great. Thank you very much, mate!

Last, but not least, I would like  to thank the global collector´s community, for mostly communicating respectful and being kind and helpful to each other, always inspiring me by sharing custom made creations, awesome collections and creative ways of displaying collectibles of every kind. Learning a lot from you everyday, and it´s great fun to share the passion, opinions and collectibles with you. THANK YOU!

SEQ 12.2018.001 Initializing

Dear collectors of awesome stuff, fellow addicts and avids, dear visitors,
a very warm welcome to!

This little fanpage pictures a snaphot of the infinite collectible universe from manufacturers and artists from all over the world by showing some insights of precious treasures from my own collection - focusing mainly on the ALIEN and PREDATOR universe. If you have a specific question, critics, some notes or just want to share some collector´s thoughts or other nerdy stuff, just drop me a message, it will be a pleasure to get in contact with you.

About me
Hello there, my name is Go! I am vintage 1980 and located in Germany, FrankfurtRhineMain Area, working in the fields of mobility and planning. I have been collecting stuff from the Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror cultures for most of my lifetime, starting at the age of 13 by devouring thematic movie magazines and buying indexed cult classics on video tape and laserdisc (with heavy repeating on the players), later on other formats. Besides collecting incredibly strange movies, I am generally very lost into the 80´s, furiously obsessed with drum´n´bass music, and so my second passion is collecting music on wax - adding drum´n´bass, synthwave and of course movie soundtracks constantly to my shelves until today.

Well, when it comes to collecting statues and figures, i am definitely a latebloomer. I got my first statue from Sideshow Collectibles in June 2014. Before that I did not even know that there does exist a universe of figures (not to speak of props and replicas) larger than Mcfarlane. Following this path, I also learned that there is not only one license holder of a certain franchise, but many, many more manufacturers producing awesome stuff from my favourite pop culture lines. And last, but not least, I got to know that there is a vibrantly active scene networking, buying, trading and selling even more freaked out, customized stuff in forums, in facebook and whattsapp groups. To make a long story short: Yes, I am an addict to collectibles. And no, being aware of it is not the first step to healing.

Well, the concept´s main objective is fun. So there is neither a claim to completeness on this page, nor is it meant as an archive for collectible lines. The only pattern is the structure of the page - so the content will vary depending on my time, my current mood or on actual conditions of the environment and the capacity of light when I start shooting a collectible. I do not own a photo studio or adequate professional equipment - for me it is just a hobby and it hopefully will stay that way for a long time on. These are the sections I created so far:

The Hive. I will use this section as a kind of log for general information and updates on the page and for links to new stuff I recently added.
The Artists section. Here I try to contribute to the custom scene, starting with some personal thoughts on it and continuing with an (hopefully growing) interview series with artists from the scene, accompanied by photo galleries of their favourite works.
The artists section is followed by Costum Works, concentrating on garage kits that I own, appreciating the different styles and skills of sculpting, painting and repainting. Me being also a huge fan of drawing art and costum designed bricks (of course due to obvious reasons Lego never would license franchises like ALIEN or PREDATOR), you will also find some cool stuff here, too.
Jumping to the next section, Collectibles, this section presents the main emphasis: collectibles from the Alien and Predator Universe, sorted by scales.
And because there is so much more awesome stuff from other franchises, the last section More Addiction mirrors pretty much my taste in other movie and pop culture genres, presentimg also some of my favourite soundtracks pressed on colored wax.

Please enjoy this page, and happy collecting everyone!