Model Kit
Edition Size
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (cm)
37 H x 20 W x 37 L
Michael Ludwig, Narin Clayman

One of the ground rules on this website says: "Every collectible presented on xenomorphine.com comes from my own collection." Well, every rule screams to be broken one day, so why not break some ground today? When Michael Ludwig asked me to create a little background story of NARIN´s newest predator sculpt he was currently working on for his own collection - the SHADOW ELIXIR - I could not refuse. Michael´s only default was, that he wanted his version to be a Bad Blood Predator, a Predator that had been possessed by a japanese demon, an ONI. I really liked this idea and began to write the first lines of the story and settled it back in the ancient days of Japan shortly before the end of the Shogunate era. The story kinda dragged me more and more in and soon I wanted to add more depth to this predator's dark fate, flavored with some tragic elements. So I started to extend the story by evolving more characters, places and time lines. What you´re about to read is a short story about a Predator not only gone bad blooded by a demonic presence, but by a chaining of tragic events that lead to his fate. Please enjoy my Bad Blood story of Michael´s SHADOW ELIXIR and furthermore, the galleries of Michael's outstanding build up and paint of another genious NARIN sculpt.

Chapter 1: An Unbreakable Chain

Chapter 2: Warkha

Chapter 3: A path pitchblack

Chapter 4: Oni Arise

Chapter 5: Blood Against Blood