Falanxer - The Crusher Yautya

Model Kit
Edition Size
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (cm)
25 H x 23 W x 31 L
Michael Ludwig, Narin Clayman

This is my 2nd purchase of a commissioned build up from the Narin Universe and I am – again - so totally happy with it words hardly can express. This Fella was finished by Michael Ludwig. Luckily we live in the same region, so I could fetch it up in person, have a talk and witness some more awesomeness in his catacombs Michael, you did a jawdropping  paintjob on this heavyweight champion (I call him the ice-hockey player for myself lol), you carved out so many details of Narin´s newest sculpt i didn´t see them before when it still was unpainted.

This Falanxer is an old Warrior, wearing uncountable battles on his shoulders, only his scars all over the body can tell about. Maybe he is not the fastest one, but when there is a filthy job to get done, definitely he rises up to the MVP in every Pred´s Clan.

Michael, also congratulations on winning 1st Place in a build up competition with this work, truly deserved! Here are some detail shots of the Narin Falanxer Ludwig Style, please enjoy!