Model Kit
Edition Size
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (cm)
40 H x 32 W x 26 L
Narin Clayman, Michael Ludwig

The Legend of the Death Warrior

There are dark places in the universe that even the most experienced predators select for trophy hunting only with the most careful preparation and caution. One of these places is the planet U'sl-kwe, which means "Final Rest" or "Death". It was named after an experiment of a Predator clan that got out of control a few years ago: This world covered with impenetrable, swampy jungle forests was chosen as the ideal hunting planet and an experienced Predator Clan settled there to breed an aggressive alien population and prepare the planet for future blood rituals. But something must have gone wrong shortly after the outpost and the breeding facility were set up.

The alien breeding entered a symbiosis with its environment, it merged with the hostile flora and possibly also fauna of the planet. For reasons unknown until today, it reproduced itself independently and rapidly. Too fast to intervene in time: The settled clan had no chance, they were overrun and annihilated. This documents a last message, which was sent via a warning signal to the home planet Yautya Prime: "Epidemic out of control. One survivor. Outpost fallen. Retreat into the jungle necessary." Any further attempts to contain the epidemic on this part of the planet have been unsuccessful ever since.  

And so, especially among the Young Bloods, the legend persists that even after all these years this one predator roams around in this hostile environment and tries the only thing left to him: survive to get home.  His name: U'sl-kwe Paya, the Death Warrior.

With the hasty retreat, the Death Warrior had to leave any technical progress behind, but that wasn't what it was all about anyway. For hunting in filthy, swampy, alien-contaminated terrain, he has to be fast, able to rely solely on his physical strength and instinct. A heavy tank armor with a large arsenal of weapons is of no use in this area. His only weapons, consisting of a long spear, built from the little material he could take with him when he fled, and a sickle-shaped dagger, which his ancestors always carried with them, are as archaic as he became. His wiry, battle-hardened physique testifies to the fact that he is constantly on the hunt - never again to become the hunted himself.

And he is a damn good hunter. He's just dug up an alien nest and has done a real massacre. With a broad chest he stands at the top of a pile of alien corpses. This dead alien pile becomes a throne from which he looks down on his most recent job. In his right hand his spear is firmly in his grip. The tip of the spear dripping with alien blood and already affected by the corrosive acid still must hold for a long time. In his left hand he holds an alien head torn out of its body - how many he has slaughtered, he doesn't remember anymore - and it's not important either. The only important thing is that he finds out how these beasts reproduce in order to finally spot the source and end this ones and for all.

Anyone who wonders whether the Death Warrior will ever return to his home planet should now look him deeply in the eye. This predator will never return anywhere, he's been home for a long time now. The Death Planet is now his planet, the planet of the Death Warrior.