Alien Queen

Sideshow Collectibles
Edition Size
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (cm)
48 H x 38 W x 56 L
ABS, Metal, Polystone, PVC
Matt Black, Anthony Mestas, Amilcar Fong, Sideshow Development Team, Legacy Effects Group

Alien Queen Diorama, Sideshow Collectibles 2018. Here No. 699/1250. You get actually one massive piece! Only the Queen ´s Head and Tail come separately, but will hold firmly via snap-to-fit and additional magnets. The Queen Diorama is an overall stunning sculpture and I really love the menacing pose of the Queen, ready to bitch around with some Colonial Marines! Not surprisingly, my main issue with it is the overall paint job: too flat and too monotone, doing the great sculpt in no way any justice. You especially can see that in some shots where the Queen almost has the same colour as the hive parts on the Base. Secondly, I think the Queen has been captured quite well in the 1/10th scale, and also the size of the eggs and the huggers match this scale. But in no way do the two Alien Warriors so. Their sizes actually are more like in 1/12 or 1/16th range, so I guess I must accept that they are still freshmade rookies :-) It´s the season of the year again where you miss the real, good daylight for good shots, but enjoy anyway!